ZION24-CV-G 24-tuner, conversion Master Pack

$1,899.76 $4,399.76

Convert Your Device To The ZION Build × 24

$9.99 / pc.

4 Space Clamping Rack Shelf


8 Output 6-15VDC, 4A Power Supply Class 2


Silicondust HDHR3-CC Triple CableCARD Networked Tuner × 8

$150.00 / pc.
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If you KEEP your cable subscription!

Provides access for twenty-four (24) clients

Start with eight (8) HDHomerun CableCARD tuners, and add the ZION build to twenty-four of your existing Kodi devices, and you have a completed system ready for you to legally watch live TV directly using your cable TV subscription. Channels and shows beyond your cable subscription are streamable using services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, and USTVNow. Other services are available for you to add at your leisure.

This Master Pack is designed to be rack-mounted to save space and resources with deployment. Please ensure you have the necessary rack space (6RS per Master Pack) for organized mounting and locating. For full-height racks, six (6) Master Packs will fit squarely, to include (3) 48-port switches per rack, to service 144 independent screens.


NOTE: You will need to have in your possession twenty-four (24) Kodi devices in order to use this Master Pack. The ZION build has been tested and designed to work with Kodi versions 15.0 through 16.1. Previous versions have not been tested with the ZION build, and are therefore not approved for use.

NOTE: CableCARD access will NOT include video-on-demand (VOD) channels or Pay-Per-View events.

NOTE: You will need broadband Internet service from your cable provider. We suggest subscribing to at least the third tier speed (greater than 75Mb/s) for campus streaming. You will need to support multiple simultaneous streams for the multiple clients and devices on your network to avoid buffering.

NOTE: You will also need a solid home network to use this product. Please consider our complimentary NET24-G Network Master Pack if you don’t have a strong performing network already installed.


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