NET3-G 3-Client Network Master Pack


TRENDnet TPE-TG81G Gigabit Ethernet GREENnet switch, PoE+


Motorola MB7220 Gigabit Cable Modem


TRENDnet TEW-753DAP 802.11N Wireless Access Point × 3

$115.00 / pc.

1,000 feet CAT6 Bare Wire


Pack of (10) CAT6 Jacks (female)


12-Port CAT6 Patch Panel (female)


RT-AC3200 Tomato by Shibby WiFi Router



This package combines with your ZION3-CV-G, ZION3-i3r-G, ZION3-CVD-G, or ZION3-i3rD-G Master Packs to create a plug-and-play installation for those who don’t have the infrastructure to install any of the aforementioned Master Packs. All you need to add is the labor to install the devices!

Cable Modem

This device will directly replace your cable provider’s cable modem. It will perform better with faster upload and download speeds, and a longer shelf life in general. Administration is unlocked for expert use and firmware upgrades.


We provide you with an advanced router that features Tomato by Shibby firmware. This firmware unlocks the hidden potential for your router with easy VPN setup, reserve IP addressing, WiFi shaping, remote administration, and fast routing speeds.


We include Gigabit switches to accomodate all of the equipment we specify with any of the Master Packs listed above, as well as the equipment listed here below.

Wireless Access Points

The wireless access points we include in this package are POE-powered, eliminating the need to have separate outlets available for each wireless access point, and making mounting more flexible. You can finally place these devices completely out of the way if you want! Mount them on walls, ceilings, in closets or cabinetry, and never worry about a power outlet again!


We include 1,000 feet of CAT6 cable if you have the ability or opportunity to pull wire to each (or any) location. You will need to specify and purchase separately all of the required CAT6 jumper cables to connect to your equipment once you finish terminating your wiring pulls.


You will need to terminate your CAT6 cabling on both ends in order to make your installation serviceable. For this, we include a wall-mounted, hinged termination panel, which will live at the switch side of the installation, and we also include snap-in individual CAT6 termination jacks (female), to be installed at the end of each cable pull. You will have enough to get a few wrong, damaged, or lost and still be able to finish the installation.

Supported By Chiron

The router and wireless access point in this package can be administered remotely by Chiron! If you need assistance with optimizing this device in your installation, all you need to do is contact us with your request, and we make the adjustments to your network for you until you are satisfied with the results!


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